Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fried Gelama

Nowadays I tend to eat smaller fishes, because nearly all fish contain trace amounts of methyl mercury and long-lived, larger fish that feed on smaller fish accumulate the highest levels of methyl mercury. One of them is the ikan gelama, which has white flesh and very high levels of unsaturated fat. Often used for making salted fish, it is delicious for making ‘acar fish’.

Fresh gelama (Gulama in Hokkien)

Scale the fishes and remove the heads. Marinate with juice of fresh ginger, garlic and kunyit. Let it stand for about an hour and then fry. Serve with white rice.

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Ann said...

I would never have bought this fish from the wet market and cooked it coz I didn't recognise it!

Sad to say...I only recognize the end product which I have eaten before and loved!

one day our kids may only know fried chicken and not know how a chicken looks like! hai....:)