Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas turkey


I know it is some time since I updated the blog but I am very busy with my book so have not had time to post new recipes. Still cooking but no time to put the photos together. Anyway I thought I'll share my turkey with you.

This is the turkey that we had for Christmas

Defrost and dry the turkey properly

Once you have put in the stuffing, sew up the hole so that the stuffing will not spill out during the cooking process

Cover the turkey with streaky bacon rashers. This will keep the breast meat moist and add flavour to the turkey. By the way, the little blue button is a timer which will pop up when the turkey is done.

Cover the turkey with kitchen foil to prevent the turkey becoming dry. Make sure that you do not cover the pop up timer otherwise you will not know that it is done.

If you cannot get a turkey with a pop up timer, you can use a meat timer instead. Just put it into the thickest part of the turkey.

Here you can see that the timer has popped up. Remove the bacon and put the turkey back in the oven for the skin to brown.

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Ann said...

We didn't have turkey this time. Had pork pork and loads of pork! And Christopher was happily munching on baked bacon!!!