Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pig stomach with dong kwai soup

Pig stomach is also called pig maw and we call it Too Tor in Hokkien. For the chinese this soup is a must  during confinement.

When I was a young girl, pig stomach soup was only served during the Chinese New Year reunion dinner usually cooked with sliced carrots and chinese cabbage. I guess the pig stomach was supposed to be a delicacy and therefore is reserved for special occasions. Those days I did not like eating internal organs of any kind and have refrained from eating them. It was only about 5 years ago that I tried the pig stomach and surprising it was not too bad. Nowadays, I will eat a few pieces as I am still not a big fan of internal organs.


One medium sized pig stomach

Half chicken cut into big chunks

4-5 pieces of dong kwai and 2 handfuls of peppercorns

Cleaning the pig stomach
It is important to clean the pig stomach properly to remove the slime and smell and for it to be tender. Some people use assam paste to clean it but I find that this method makes the stomach tough and fibrous.

Put the pig stomach into a basin. Add 2 big spoonful of salt and rub thoroughly.
Turn it inside out and rub thoroughly

Rinse and put some flour and cooking oil on it

Rub thoroughly and rinse again.

Back to washing with salt again

Rinse and back to washing with the flour and oil.

Repeat the process until the stomach especially the inside is clean and the water is clear

Cooking the soup

Remove all the fat around the stomach and stuff it with 2 handfuls of peppercorns.
Blanch the chicken pieces and add to boiling water.
Put the whole pig stomach into the chicken stock.
Add 4-5 pieces of dong kwai and more peppercorns.
Simmer over low heat for 2-3 hours or until the stomach is tender.

Remove the stomach from the soup. Once it is cool cut it into 2 pieces

Remove the peppercorns and slice the stomach into bite size pieces. It tastes better if you slice it slantwise. Put the sliced stomach back into the soup.

Add 1 – 2 teaspoons Brandy or Dom to the soup just before serving. You can add mee suah to the soup if you do not feel like eating it with rice.

For information about dong kwai please go to label "herbs"


Jacq Jacq said...

Can I use the same ingredients but leave out the pig stomach for confinement purpose?

Cecilia said...

Hi Jacq Jacq
Yes you can omit the pig stomach by all means

Ann said...

I didn't have this dish. In fact I didn't have much tong kuai...I wonder why. I was bleeding for a month though, albeit light!